Friday, 16 September 2016

Storytelling: My Eating Disorder | MICHELA ismyname ❤️

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel.
Today I'm back with another


If you missed my first one Here's the link

Today I want to talk about a very important topic,

Eating Disorder

I think that more or less every woman in earth has been through it, once in their life...
We all know how hard it is to love "ourselves".. 
Turning into a woman from being a child is a very difficult transformation to go through,
especially when the society we are living want us PERFECT all the time,
forever young, forever skinny...
model look alike, with no flaws.

We should love our FLAWS, embrace them.. 

I think, actually I HOPE that sharing my story could help somebody else..

If you have been there yourself, and you want to add your story,
leave me a comment down below.
If you have any questions that you want me to reply, same,
leave me a comment...

Thanks for listening, I know this video is WAY TOO LONG, again..
Italian Passions Personality comes out when I talk about Important topics to me...


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Mika xxx

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