Sunday, 11 September 2016

TWININGS Comforting Liquorice REVIEW

Hi everyone.
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If you like Tea,
and you like Liquorice..
you MUST try this tea from



Comforting Liquorice

"It's no wonder Egyptian Pharaohs treasured the aromatic liquorice root.

Know for centuries for its soothing properties, it has a sweet, yet refreshing, aniseed flavour that lingers on the tongue. Surprisingly, this sweetness purely comes from the root - where all the goodness is locked away. We think it's the perfect balance of rich sweetness and mellow spice.

Made with pure, all-natural ingredients - nothing more, nothing less. Naturally caffeine free with no added sugar, enjoy it anytime of the day."

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This tea is so good
and it's so sweet 
you don't need to add extra sweetener
I usually drink it without adding any milk
I leave the tea bags inside the cup for a more intense flavour  

I have never seen a Tea that could be "dangerous" for you..
I personally have low blood pressure but
if you suffer with hypertension
this tea might not be for you

*Contains liquorice - people suffering from hypertension
should avoid excessive consumption. 
For all consumers we recommend not
exceeding 1 cup per day.

One a day is fine.. so

Enjoy it, like I do
usually after dinner
if I crave something sweet
this will do for me..
Also it helps your digestion.


Mika xxx

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