Sunday, 30 October 2016

NORCIA, Italy - 30th of October 2016, 7:40am EARTHQUAKE

This morning I woke up..
as usual I grab my iPhone to check the time, and on the screen
I could see some #whatsapp preview messages
from my friend Raffaella from Italy...

"7.1, this morning!...
I'm dying
I'm still crying
the house was shaking down..."

Straight away I went on facebook and realised
that another massive earthquake
happened in the center of Italy

a 6.6 magnitude earthquake
with epicenter 


my grandmother's town

here's a video from a vlog I filmed last year in Norcia

I grew up in Norcia
I spent many summers with my granny over there as a child
many Christmases
many good memories
up until recently
over the last few years my grandmother got Alzheimer's diseases
and less good memories are link to Norcia
only because seeing her getting worst every day
was heartbreaking

This is a picture I took 10 months ago.. 

and this is a picture of the same church this morning

other buildings were effected by the violent quake

the roman walls of the town

and other churches

also my granny's house

the front door is 1 metre down the ground
the foundations have collapsed 
The whole building is unsafe

It's heartbreaking looking at this place..
my childhood..
my granny...


Here's me early 80s
next my cousin Francesca
sitting by the side of that front door.. which now is half under the ground

It's so hard to express or explain how it feels..



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