Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Being Sick........ SUCKS!

Hello my friends....

This Wednesday started pretty well..
I woke up early because I needed to go to a couple of appointments.

I felt fine, at first this morning,
just a running nose and a scratchy throat
(since it has been really cold and windy over here)
Then about lunch time I started feeling
really CRAP
tried, with shivery all over my back
painful arms and legs...

I know when I feel like this
9 out of 10
I have a temperature

I came home and, YEP 
I was right...

This is the second time in year 2017
that I have the flu
and temperatures...

I picked up few necessities to fight the germs away
Of course
(for the flu and fever, and the aching bones)
Vitamin C
to rebuilt my immune system
Some Halls candies
those are great when you have sore throat
and Olbas Oil
few drops of this in a paper tissue will help
my running, blocked nose....

I hope I get better soon..
I hate being sick.

What's your favorite remedy to get better when you have the flu??


Mika xxx

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