Friday, 3 March 2017

FIVE SENSES Skincare Hemp Oil Bath Bomb REVIEW

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog.

If you seen my latest video
which is my February Empties
(here's the video in case you haven't seen it)

You might already known that last month
I finished up this amazing product.

I'm talking about



Hemp Oil Bath Bomb

These beauties were sent to me from
my friend Camelia.
Camelia opened her own skincare brand
and she was so nice with me to send me a huge package
full of goodies back in January
(here's the video haul in case you haven't seen it)

These retail for £3.00 only each
and you can easily get them on their website

"Come join the bath bomb lovers family !

So many people in the world are so in love with this wonderful product and for a good reason.

With these heart shaped Bath Bombs we decided to give you the chance to experiment with oils and fragrances that will melt your heart and make you fall in love with it .

Give your skin the chance to bathe in this beautiful elixir and your senses will become addicted...

Made with Hemp Seed Oil and a very rare blend of perfume created especially for us , we promise you an unforgettable experience !

Every piece weighs approx 75g/2.65oz"

These Bath Bombs gave me an amazing experience in my bath
all senses were benefitted from it

SIGHT, with the vibrant colour that they turned the water with 
SMELL, with the relaxing scent that made the bath time a treat like if I was at the SPA
TOUCH, with the hemp oil my skin felt so smooth and moisturised after the bath

I love them!

I totally recommend you to try them out.


Mika xxx

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