Tuesday, 7 March 2017

I love my Blues....

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel.

If you are like me
a Nail Polish Lover
you might understand me in this..

I love to change my nail polish twice a week
and I noticed over the years
that I have a particular attraction over
cool colours

Blues, purples greens..
I always rather those colours over warm ones..
such as pinks, reds or oranges...

Is this mean something?

It must means something if I always choose those range of colours...

Today for instance
I picked up those 2 type of blues..
very similar to each others.

Both from Collection.

I painted my ring finger accent nail
with the lighter blue
and the rest of the finger nails with the darkest one..

I love Blues!

An you?

Let me know if you prefer
cool colours or warm colours
to paint your nails.


Mika xxx

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