Sunday, 21 May 2017


Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog.

This is

Smokey Eye Mascara

The perfect complement to a smokey eye look,
this kohl-pigmented mascara delivers high drama
by creating extremely black, stretched-out looking lashes.
Plus, the long-wearing formula holds its own against flaking,
smudging, sweat and humidity.
Builds the appearance of volume
lash by lash as opposed to traditional
volumising formulas that create the appearance
of volume by clumping lashes together.
Plus, a thicker brush base evenly combs through eyelashes
from roots to ends, while a tapered tip grabs those small,
hard-to-reach lashes.

Cost:   £24.50
Size:  5ml
You can buy it HERE

I got mine (travel sized) from Birchbox
To tell you the truth I will never spend that much money 
on a mascara


I was glad to have been given the chance to try it out.

It gives me a very NATURAL look
which I'm usually against.
I prefer mascaras which make my lashes look bold and "fake"
but I still love this one by BOBBI BROWN

I love the VOLUME which adds to my lashes
as you can see from the BEFORE & AFTER pictures.

It helps to open up the eyes making my lashes looking longer and fuller
but still NATURAL.

If you like a natural looking lashes
this is the right product for you.

Unfortunately I don't see myself purchasing this mascara in future..
only because I cannot justify that amount of money for a mascara.

Otherwise I totally recommend it, especially if you don't mind spending
a bit more than usual.

Mika xxx

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