Monday, 8 May 2017

FIVE SENSES Skincare Foot Massage Cooling Oil REVIEW

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This is


Foot Massage Cooling Oil

This incredible relaxing foot massage oil is perfect for those times
when you just need a good massage , for when you have walked in high
heels all day or just for when you need some pampering time.

It is the perfect blend of oils to glide smoothly on your skin and
offer you a nice massage experience while absorbing into
your skin in a reasonable amount of time.

It is infused with mint crystals to give you that cooling
and relaxing feeling and for sure you will feel like new !

This oil is a mix of Grape Seed oil , Jojoba Oil , Almond Oil
and Hemp oil .It is light , but a little goes a long way !

Using this products will change forever the way you take
care of yourself and it will give you that unique experience you never had !

 Cost:   9,00€
Size:   100ml
You can buy it HERE

I got it among other goodies from the brand
Five Senses Skincare

I leave you the Unboxing video down below

I personally LOVE this foot oil.
I have never tried anything like this before, and I was shocked
when I have used it the first time.

There is nothing better after a long day of wearing heels
when your feet are sore, after a shower to apply this oil.

The cooling sensation appears straight away
the scent is so refreshing
after 5 minutes you can not long feel the pain on your feet anymore
only cool sensation..

I love it!

Totally recommend it!

Mika xxx

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