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This is


Patchouly Leaves

Eau de Toilette
pour Homme

The essence of patchouli, distilled from the leaves
of this plant native of Malaysia, India and China,
has been used for a very long time in the manufacture
of perfumes for its sweet, rich scent and its aphrodisiac properties.
About the brand- From Venice, Monotheme specialises in fine fragrances
with a contemporary take on traditional perfume formulas.
Created by master perfumer Lorenzo Vidal,
the fragrances are complex and authentically Venetian.

Cost:   £ 18.00
Size:   100ml
You can Buy it HERE

Although this scent is aimed for a male audience
I must say, it works as well for a female.

I'm a big fan of Patchouly, anything from candles
or essential oils, or showergels.

I love using this on its own and also layer with other fragrances.

Being a eau de toilette make this scent a bit less persistent
but value for money, it's worth.

I recommend it to who loves deep manly scents.

Mika xxx

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