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Calvin Klein Secret Obsession REVIEW

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Today is time to talk about this fragrance of mine.

Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein is oriental floral fragrance for women.
The noses behind this fragrance are Givaudan and Ann Gottlieb.
Top notes are exotic plum, nutmeg (mace) and rose de damasc;
middle notes are Egyptian jasmine, French orange blossom and seductive tuberose;
base notes are cashmere woods, Madagascar vanilla,
burnt amber and Australian sandalwood.

It comes in 30ml (1.0fl.oz), 50ml (1,6flo.oz) and 100ml (3,4fl.oz) bottles,
and as perfumed body lotion 200ml (6,7fl.oz.), and shower gel 200ml (6,7fl.oz).

Launching of Secret Obsession fragrance is announced
for September 2008. including Eva Mendes in new provocative campaign.

The campaign for the fragrance Secret Obsession has already caused
a lot of fuzz. Commercial showing Eva with impure thoughts emphasizes
provocation with Eva's sexy voice which tells all her sexual secrets.
TV networks and advertisers did not like the commercial,
precisely because of too accentuated sexual implementations.

Print campaign was created in black and white version with Eva
in passionate rapture on the photographs. It is mentioned by the house CK
that the video commercial tells the whole story,
while print form of photographs can capture just one moment of passion.
Fashion and lifestyle magazines will publish the commercial from September 2008.

And what did Eva Mendes say about the perfume when she tried it?
'When I first tried Secret Obsession, I was completely taken over by it.
When you first try some kind of food and you
instantly have a craving for another bite
– that is exactly how I felt when I tried the perfume Secret Obsession.
Secret Obsession was created by Givaudan, Ann Gottlieb and Calice Becker.

Here you can read more about it.

I personally don't love this scent.
I don't hate it, but it is really far way from the original


(which I love)

To me this scent is too flowery.

If you like fresh and flowery scents
you will LOVE it.

Have you ever tried this fragrance?
Let me know.


Mika xxx

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