Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Homemade Minestrone Soup

I've always loved soup
since when I was a child,
any kind of soups.

My mother used to make Minestrone more than anything
and today I tried to make my own one.

This Homemade Minestrone Soup
is super easy to make
it takes (prep + cooking time) 1 hour  
You can use any veggies
this is what I used for my soup

1 courgette (or zucchini)
2 potatoes
1 big carrot
a cup of soup pasta
a cup of frozen peas and sweetcorn
1 frozen cube of soffritto
(which is made blending fresh onion carrot and celery)
1 vegetable stock (vegan)

If you want to watch all the steps 
you can check my video recipes down below

This Minestrone Soup will warm you up in
those freezing coming months.
It's super healthy and as a bonus
it's VEGAN!

Let me know if you make this soup.


Mika xxx

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