Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Hello everyone.
Welcome back to my blog.

Lately I have been thinking to add some
more pieces to my wardrobe,
it's not that I need extra stuff but sometimes it's nice to do
some shopping and treat ourselves.
There are so many websites around nowadays where to shop
and I have some favourites but this time I came across
to a website that I have never heard before.
A friend of mine talked to me about it so
I decided to have a peek.

The site is called Anemoye and they sell
wholesale women clothing.
Anemoye is a fashionable website where you can find
clothing for every taste.
They have different styles sizes and colours for a little prices
(which I love).
I was looking at some dresses, they have a wonderful
selection and some of them catched my eyes.
Also they are having a sale around they Jacket,
so if you want to get a new coat check them out.
I forgot to mention that they ship worldwide,
so no matter where you live
you can still shop from their website.

I leave you some of my favourite itesm down below,
which should I get?
Help me decide.

SWEATER DEDRA black-white

(size UNI)


(size S-L)


(size S-XL)

PARKA JACKET MARJORY dark blue with pink fur

(size XS-L)

Don't forget to check out their website for their
I love some much what I have picked up for my wishlist,
as you can see the quality is really good
and any items is super fashionable.

Please help me to decide what I should get.

Leave me a comment.


Mika xxx

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